3 fun ways to create a buzz with bee-themed DIY project ideas


Are you looking for some fun DIY bee decor projects to create this spring? Then check out these 3 adorable ideas!

Even though real-life bees aren’t my friends after getting stung five times at once last summer, I do love to decorate with them! I love how bee-themed items can be incorporated into all sorts of home decor ideas, from tiered-tray decor to kitchen towels – and so much more!

So, if you’re a bee-decor lover like me, read on for 3 fun, bee-themed DIY project ideas:

Bee Project Idea #1: Honeycomb chalkboard pillar stand

I love using this farmhouse-style chalkboard from Chalk Couture to create a bit of height in my home decor displays. I frequently change out the designs on this adorable chalkboard, by simply erasing them with water and using a board eraser to remove any ghosting that the chalk leaves behind.

Today, I decided to highlight just a portion of a honeycomb design in the corner of the chalkboard. I wanted to give the honeycomb a little bit of definition, so I used 3 colors of chalkpaste: Shimmer Gold, Sunnyside and Golden Hour. A few dabs of each color, then spread them together using a squeegee:

Bee Project Idea #2: Easy-to-make bee skep

Bee skep? What’s a bee skep? Basically, it is a dome-shaped basket used for centuries by beekeepers to house their hives. You can learn how to make a traditional bee skep here, but it’s pretty labor-intensive. If you just want to make a cute little beehive for decorative purposes, watch how I did it using rope and a plastic 2 liter soda bottle:

Bee Project #3: Honeycomb tea towel

One of the things I love most about Chalk Couture transfers is their versatility! The same honeycomb design we used in our first project was also used in this one – except we paired our permanent inks with the design and used it on fabric!

Watch how we made this adorable tea towel:

So, I couldn’t just stop at 3 projects! As an extra bonus, here’s just one more using the honeycomb design on a small wood pallet board turned mini- tray:

Get the complete how-to instructions for this tray here!

I hope you enjoyed these fun bee-inspired DIY home decor projects! I’d love to hear which project was your favorite! Leave me a note in the comments and let me know!

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