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One reusable design – 4 easy DIY projects

When it comes to making my own DIY home decor, my go-to is using Chalk Couture’s reusable designs! I love their versatility and most of all, the feeling I get when I peel back those beautiful transfers and reveal a perfect design!

Today, I wanted to share how you can create 4 different project, using just one design that comes in this month’s Try-me kit, Enjoy the Little Things.

Try-me Kit: Enjoy the Little Things

If you’re new to Chalk Couture, then purchasing one of these Try-me kits is a great way to get started. It includes a re-usable design, a surface (this month’s kit includes a two-sided white chalkboard surface that can be inserted horizontally or vertically into the wood base), 2 chalkpaste colors in mini packs and a mini squeegee to apply the paste. (Note: each month the Try-me kit changes. You can view all the currently available kits here.)

There are so many ways these reusable designs andchalkpaste can be used. Today I wanted to share the 4 ways I used the Enjoy the Little Things that came in this month’s kit. Not only did I use the design on the included chalkboard surface, but I also used it on a surface I found at the Target Dollar spot, as well as on a cute chalkboard tag I made, and finally on an adorable Jar Wood Cutout surface from Chalk Couture!

Want to see a video of the 4 quick projects?

Chalkboard project

The first project was using the white chalkboard surface that came in the kit. This 5×7 reusable, reversible chalkboard surface is the perfect one to start with! If you make a mistake, all you need to do is wipe it off with water and try again because it’s erasable!

Mason Jar Wood Cutout Shape

The second project was on one of the wood cutout shapes that Chalk Couture offers called the Jar Cutout. It is a white-washed, two-side wood Mason jar cutout shape and it fits the 5×7 reusable designs perfectly! I paired it with Single Jar Cutout design to give the jar an outline and turn it blue (I’m a bit addicted to blue mason jars!)

Wood House Surface

The next surface was this adorable wood house I found at the Target Dollar Spot! I just couldn’t resist adding this reusable design to my find!

Chalkboard Tag

I love this little chalkboard tags! Best of all, I was able to make it myself using the chalkboard sheets from The Home Depot. I just cut it down to the size I wanted, sanded the edges then added a cute round cork circle and punched a hole in using the Power Punch tool. This time, I decided to only chalk on the fireflies from the reusable design:

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